Wednesday, November 28, 2007


One of my favorite loaves around town. (Sarcone?)

At WholeFoods Market and HeadHouse market I've not found a loaf worthy of a second taste.


Anonymous said...

that looks like a faragali loaf of bread, though i'm not sure because i almost never see them braided like that. the bakery is around 13th and federal and it is the best loaf of bread in the city

Anonymous said...

also, this is more message than comment, but comparing prices at whole foods and dibruno bros is like comparing prices at taquitos de la puebla and taco bell, they have seven stores in pa. and over 276 world wide, dibruno bros has two soon to be three locations, i know the prices can be high but they have substantially more buying power ( and sometimes use it for evil but we can talk about that later) well thanks for listening to me gripe, also the guy who makes the loaf of bread pictured makes "fried dough" whis is one of the best fucking things i have ever eaten, we just ask him to bring it in sometimes i dont know if he actually retails it, maybe just ask real nice at the bakery.

Gaetano said...


you're correct that is faragali.
Appreciate the tip.

Gaetano said...

Faragalli's 13th & Reed