Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cinnamon Pine Cones

I was at Delaware Ave. Walmart today. Halloween really pervades the Walmart atmosphere.

But to jump ahead they were selling the same cinna-stanky pinecones as WholeFoods. A little bit cheaper at Walmart.

If you have the opportunity to sniff a freshly dropped cone you will be rewarded
with the most ethereal, balsamic, foresty notes. Particularly intriguing are the cones of P. bungeana and P. strobus.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Homemade Cheesesteaks

In RTM today i noticed that Giunta (the one nearer 12th) had a 'chipsteak' sign on the case. I asked the butcher there from where it was chipped. He said waddya mean i said like is it from knuckle, sirloin, blah blah blah. He said it's from chuck. I said gimme a pound. It was already sliced and packaged in another meat case. I was doubtful because of the pre-sliced action but i was agreeable to testing it. I stopped at By George and got 2 rolls, i think they called them hoagie rolls.

Giunta's chip steak was very good, comparable to Och's-- way, way better than trader Joe's,far better than the supermarket brand in the clear wrapper that costs the same or more. George's rolls were really good for cheese steaks, better than standard issue, amoroso, cacias, vilotti etc. I had one with american, and another 1/2 with whiz both raw onions. My girlfriend had a 1/2 ch steak hoagie w whiz.

The Giunta butcher told me the chipped pork is real good. I won't forget about that.

Rabbit Stew

Like I said the rabbit came from d'angelos, i got parsnips, anaheim chilies and the yellow oyster mushrooms at Headhouse market. We had a good batch of chicken stock in freezer and I served it with Tagliatelle from Talluto's. It was real good. I had Alfred Portales version at Gotham way back when and it was the best ever, i have his book but i forgot about it until i was already done cooking.

I used that bread I mentioned from Versailles, the loaf was "cardboardy" said my my girlfriend. I pointed out that it sucked and it was 2X egregious because of the French name bakery and sold with French accent. I'll try something else there next time and probably give a little feedback on my previous purchase.

Anyway the stew was a little too spicy so I removed some of the chilies. I added some thyme and a lil marjoram and used parsley and butter on the noodles. Grana Padano on the side. The Rabbit was delish, juicy, sweet, meaty with a lil game taste. Vastly superior to those 'skeletor' bunnies from China. We had a chairman select viognier in the fridge, it sucked.

Meet Ludomar

My girlfriend loves Ludo. I suspect she responds to the very handsome terrazzo style.
http://www.bombonesludomar.com/ I like the site flash better than the bar.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Apples to apples

You might say everyday is Halloween at South St. Superfresh.
They have tricks for sure and treats at times. I shop there often. Superfresh veal and lamb can be a superb deal. They have OK steak and kaiser rolls, good deals on tea and Tide. Sometimes they trick ya like Gerolsteiner litres for 2$+. Also they don't utilize the latest electronic technologies.

Headhouse Market -- Pirate Croissants

A lovely day, crisp and all.

I ran into a bud who cooks in the neighborhood. We agreed that it's not the easiest market to find inspiration but some things are irreproachable. My oyster mushrooms were a no-brainer. The pears from last week were luscious, those Taquitos al Pastor were a delight. The bakery stuff looks legit but a few weeks ago i tried croissants, see pic.

This week i tried a grainy/seeded loaf from the Versailles bakers. Sounded French when he said $3, i'll let you know.

for rabbit stew

While shopping at Head House market I was drawn to these. They were glowing, I bought them for rabbit stew.

Covet my neighbors ______


Hallelujahween! Sunday Oct 28

Say goodbye to plumpberry.

WholeFoods threatens to expand "bakery."

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fine n' fancy fall fare on the square

Gastrique is a thick sauce produced by a reduction of vinegar or wine, sugar, and usually fruit. It is often served over meat or seafood to add a fruit flavor to the dish. It is made in its simplest form by caramelizing sugar and then adding vinegar. It is often used in tomato sauce to help balance the acid of the tomato.<----Wiki


I forgot all about my ingredients when i got there. I was checking tomato prices.

I had an unbelievably good yellow heirloom from WholeFoods in Sept. It was like $4/lb then, still kinda high for tomatoes in PA in season.

I didn't taste these.

On the way to RTM

I wanted to go get some stuff to put together with my rabbit so I headed to RTM. Definitely more autumn like after the rainy days.

Woman walking N. on 10th st.

10 th st. northbound

Changes at Jeff look good. Landscaping vs parking garage.

Friday, October 26, 2007

9th st ---- nice grass on south st

All Occasions Flowers has this good looking grass. I think it is Chasmanthium latifolium.

I asked Sonny at D'Angelos for a fresh rabbit. Wow, he had a really fresh rabbit that he dressed for me. Impressive knife skills and fair price (5$ish/lb). I'll cook it tomorrow. Sorry no pic.

Also Anthony's chocolate house window, great job! Go look.

'scented' pinecones


Fire and Rain

Today is nippy and rainy.

Firewood from WholeFoods, source:Estonia

Estonia is in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia.

Firewood from HomeDepot, source "probably pennsylvania."
I think the HD wood was 4.59$. The package sizes are the same.

Dinner last night

These pork tenderloins looked good. Nice pink color, not cryo'd, or in 'solution' also nicely trimmed but 10.99$/lb. Worth trying i thought. Quite tasty with a rub and grilled on charcoal. A marinade probably better than a rub for these lean loins, or braise rather than grill.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tomatoes and apples last Sunday

Whole Foods 5$/lb dutch tomatoes.

Just comparing apples to tomatoes but the apples and pears at the HeadHouse Market Sunday market were impressive.