Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eddy Eggroll

Way, way back in the day there was a lunch truck called Eddy Eggroll on 11th st in front of Gladfelter on TU's campus. I enjoyed his eggrolls immensely. They were scrumptious! I am ashamed to admit that an eddy eggroll w cheese was my fave! I think he rolled a nugget of cream cheese in a shrimp roll that was loaded with sprouts. MMM, the good kind of nasty. Just as good was a marlin eggroll w monterrey jack at a bar in Hilo HI!

These are home made. The skinny rolls are shrimp & veggie but the fatty has a slice of american tucked up in there.


JK said...

I was Eddy Eggroll on Temple's Campus from 1976-1979. I can send you the exact recipe if you like.

Gaetano said...

JK tell me how you did it please.