Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Korean Olynean

I don't know much (about Korean) but I know I loved this. Kim's BBQ at 5955 N 5th St.

My GF has a friend who grew up eating at Kim's. They went to dinner a while back and I heard all about it. Same friend called last night to go for a drink. The timing was perfect to plead for a trip to Kim's instead.

So grateful that she was amenable to guiding us through Kim's cooking. It was astoundingly delicious.


thekimfamily said...

Hey glad you liked it!

I also grew up on their food. My family has been long-time friends with the owner.

Gotta get back there soon!


Gaetano said...

Yes we're regulars. Do get back there. Consistently tasty cooking and warm hospitality.