Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reading Terminal Market :: Cheesesteak Debacle

I got an update yesterday on the Olivieri fiasco. Hearing about the goings on with the Reading Terminal Board makes me want to vomit with sorrow. This group is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the market, and it seems like ineptitude, avarice and politics have this board completely abusing its mission. I wonder if the board members shop at RTM and observe successful businesses in operation.

Nothing against Tony Luke, but RTM is not open to franchise operations.

The RTM is a cultural gem for Philly. The process of managing and safeguarding its value should be transparent. How is it ethical and whose interest is served by attempting to oust a long term responsible and successful vendor? Among the vendors, this is the story that is repeatedly told: As the Merchants president, Olivieri did not roll over for the board, and his resistance overtaxed their management and guidance abilities. If they were operating a private corporation, their lack of diplomacy, vision and judgment might not be contested, but the RTM is not a private corp. If the board is responsible for the integrity and vitality of RTM, why are they not held accountable for the wasted $$$, poor judgment, lack of diplomacy and transparency, poor organizational and management practices?

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Great summary of the hit the nail on the head. Spread the word !