Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dining with bin Laden

Riding with bin laden meant that wasting fuel (by driving alone particularly) was unpatriotic. Dining with bin laden is purchasing food that conspicuously uses up more than it's share of fuel. I loathe gigantic, vulgar vehicles but I've no problem with fish from Chile or beans from Japan, or coffee from Hawaii.

I saw these pork cutlets with the all the local stickers. I could try tonkatsu again, need the practice.

It all worked out OK. Nothing great, still working on it.

The pork was clean flavored, mild and consistent, tender texture. It came from Leidy's in Soudertown PA

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Rev. Biggles said...

That's some very nice labelling there, I like it.

Up until semi-recently I was part of that large vehicle crowd. '73 Chrysler Newport? Count me in, they are fun ya know? But in the last 8 years I've changed my tone. I bought myself a '94 Corolla wagon and maintain 30mpg + on a regular basis. The only thing I miss is not being tailgated or at least caring about it. Everyone rides my bumper hour after hour, quiddit.