Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chestnut Hill Style Philly Cheese Steak at Cake

Cake "a unique cafe and bakery" is located in the rear of Robertsons on Germantown Ave in Chestnut Hill. The space is a greenhouse / conservatory. Inside it's very green and fresh with lots of plants, light and windows.

This was my first visit. It was just past 2 on a weekday and there were just a few tables taken. The menu had a croque and a "philly cheese steak". I took a seat. My server was very heads-up. I asked about the cheesesteak or the croque he said either way it's good. I got the cheese steak it was tasty. "Black angus steak with caramelized onions, marsala, roasted wild mushrooms, Vermont cheddar and baby arugula on a home made roll--$12". Yes that sounds very busy but it was a nicely focussed cheese steak. A bit too much bread for me. There was a choice of sides, I picked cole slaw, it was crispy and light.

They served a potent brew of coffee (la colombe) and a cold pelegrino.
Very decent cooking in a great setting on the 'hill'. I'd not hesitate to return.

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Missy from Yelp said...

Ooh that sounds yummy altho not what us 'outsiders' think of as a typical Philly Cheese steak... LOL. It's nice that a real Philly person such as yourself can appreciate a 'highbrow' version! I'm sure the weirdos at Pats or Genos would be suitably horrified (but they've never had the better ones, right?) LOL

I was watching Parking Wars 2nite and they showed a yummy lookin' Cheese steak from a place called Goo's or Gooey's?(I think...that's what they referred to it as...it might have had an additional part to the name but i didn't catch it....Gooey Louey, maybe?), but the damn thing looked soooo good!....