Sunday, June 8, 2008

Headhouse Market buys

At Headhouse today there were very nice ingredients at market. I picked up some strawberries from Buzby (slightly past prime) full flavored and delicious and these asparagus which carried the tag of a different NJ farm outstanding.

At the Patch of Star stand I bought a small goat cheese with roasted pepper. It was completely outstanding. excellent clean, clear tangy flavor with the finest light texture. It was fantastic on this pizza as it was spread across the leftover crusts.

There was an amazing show of sports car assembled on the lombard-south block of 2nd. Vintage ferrari's. lambo's, lancia, mg's showing off $$ and elan. A treat to see all those elegant old school sports cars in Philly.

That pizza was perfection. WFM dough, polly-o mozz and the goat cheese, shrimp also from WFM and the asparagus from headhouse farmer Buzby. The t sauce was the leftovers from Rea's west cape may farm with a touch of olive oil.

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david said...

I just moved to Chicago. It was nice coming across your blog and seeing the sights. Keep it up!