Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Cooking

My sisters did really well cooking up T'day supper yesterday. Sister #1 made a very full flavored and low fat squash soup. I made lobster banh trang, and my other sister made turkey, stuffing, and roasted veggies including kale pockets filled with mushrooms. We also had a few Greek dishes including the most fun to say food word I know:
γαλακτομπούρεκο. Pronounced gah-lacto-borey-ko, galaktoboureko, comes from the words milk (γάλα in Greek) and bourek (the Turkish origin word Burek for pies, so in effect it conveys the meaning "milk-pie" or custard pie.

The 2-6# lobsters pictured yielded enough meat to made 16 very generous rolls served with peanut sauce, cucumber, radish and some crispy lotus root.

Lychees are from Hung Vuong while shopping Thanksgiving morning.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they're lychees? They look like logans to me.

g said...

Hey it seems like you're correct. I went by their signage.

Good info here:

Anonymous said...

Actually "longan"

Gaetano said...

Their signage is correct, I just goofed.