Monday, December 15, 2008

Canele Cannele Canelle Cannelle

No luck at all with consistency in the Canele dept. I have made maybe 15 batches in 6 weeks or so.
I have learned a few things. Using the beeswax is critical to getting desirable crunch and gloss (not everyone agrees). Silicone molds give excellent results. Recipes vary hugely. I tried Paula Wolferts recipe and did not like the eggy-ness of it at all. The zucchini and chocolate recipe I've been using works well but iI get varying results. I believe that using pastry flour makes the batter rise very high and can cause it flop over. A blend of pastry and all purpose works better for me. I have Pierre Herme's recipe along with Metropolitan Bakery recipe in my fridge right now. I will test them out tomorrow.

Update: The photo shows the results of Pierre Herme's recipe.
These were quite excellent. Crusty shell and very custardy moist filling with subtle, satisfying flavor. You can see the accumulated vanilla seeds in the center of the canele. With this recipe the filling doesn't rise so high as to topple, maybe the effect of the 10x sugar?

The metro bakery recipe yielded a fluffier cakey canele that was less sweet and more eggy and not as photogenic.

UPDATE: it is a good idea to follow the zuchini and chocolate recipe to the letter with one exception. DO make a butter beeswax mixture to coat the (lightly) molds before baking.


justin said...

Hi! I can only get hold of crude beeswax blocks straight from the farm, is this suitable to use for canneles or do I have to process it first in some way? Worried it's not edible in crude form...

Gaetano said...


If you melt the wax and it is free of floaters and bee parts I beleive it should be fine. If not press it through some cheesecloth or a chinois. Mix it 50/50 with butter. Use only a film 1/4 teaspoon per mold.

justin said...

Awesome, thanks so much! Hope I'll get mine as pretty as the ones in your photo! Oh, and Happy Christmas/New Year too btw!

Cal said...

Great testing, thank you!

Gaetano said...

Thanks Cal,

I just now noticed your comment.
So many caneles ago!