Friday, December 26, 2008

Shrimp From Hung Vuong

These are the 21-25's sold at Hung Vuong. They've been battered and fried.

Love the Asian greens and fried seafood combination with
Nước chấm.
I'm not sure if these are farm raised. They have a shell like fresh water shrimp and they are sold with the shell split -- about $9/#. These were previously frozen but they they seemed to have been handled with care. Great texture, good flavor and freshness with excellent eye appeal. They are however a affected by the preservative that is used in processing some shellfish, here it didn't really bug me much.

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C & E said...

Love the shrimp at H.V...just picked up a fresh batch of head-on 26-30's and they were delicious...glad to see your version on good stuff!

Have you tried their fresh water chestnuts...peel, wrap in bacon & cook 375 for 30 minutes...very tasty app.