Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pineapple of my eye opener

Used the Kreider cream and the $1.99 gold pineapple + the ice cream maker.

Eddy Eggroll

Way, way back in the day there was a lunch truck called Eddy Eggroll on 11th st in front of Gladfelter on TU's campus. I enjoyed his eggrolls immensely. They were scrumptious! I am ashamed to admit that an eddy eggroll w cheese was my fave! I think he rolled a nugget of cream cheese in a shrimp roll that was loaded with sprouts. MMM, the good kind of nasty. Just as good was a marlin eggroll w monterrey jack at a bar in Hilo HI!

These are home made. The skinny rolls are shrimp & veggie but the fatty has a slice of american tucked up in there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Different Bain Marie

We set off for Los Taquitos de Puebla with a group of restaurant folks from one of the top 3 of the "first ever ranking." Yes, there was much dissent and talk of culinary revolution was in the air.

Los Taquitos has super warm hospitality and the chef had a nice touch.

The tequillas were excellent as was the modelo. (byob)

Having 50 restaurants/bars/spots that merit attention is cause enough to celebrate.

Wangs that sang

This batch was so good. 1/2 grill, 1/2 oven and dry rub. Had a little scrap of that St.Agur to make some blue cheese dip. The chili was smoking hot. The chicken from WholeFoods Mkt was clean and fresh.

UPDATE 3-10: WholeFoods Market wings have been way down sized like they may be pigeon wings. No longer a choice supplier if you are serious about wings.

Philly Market Purchases

Hello Kitty made it into our kitchen on its price alone.

The pineapple turned into ice cream with rum and ginger and the chili peppers with chicken wings and St. Agur sauce.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mustard Greens

Ate at Mustard Greens last night. The serene vibe here is a delight. Yet somehow that center seating area attracts herds of noisy goats.

Mustard Greens offers delicious, familiar Chinese-American cooking, gracious hospitality and good value. Wonton soup, general chicken, pineapple shrimp are my faves.

Vanilla Pudge

WholeFoods is adding even more vanilla!

Nestled just in front of the 'wall of same' 365 ice cream sampling was going down as i shopped yestesday. The ingredient list had so many words but the taste I can sum up in one, wrong.

As in the case of the truffles the packaging is warning enough.

"Our First-Ever Restaurant Rankings"

From "your guide to the good life"
"The staff for this enormous project: three restaurant critics, with almost 50 combined years of eating in the region, and 1,000-plus meals in the past 12 months alone."

Oh Boy!

Good thing they scrambled the numbers or else you'd be seeing Hummers on ****** St.

Trumpet of Death

had a few packs of the trumpets on sale. Mushroom soup!

The dill was useful for breakfast too. Salmon and bagels (Hershels) for make at home b'fast. Good but no better than 4th St.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mercury alarm

Beware: sushi madness.

The Littlest Mermaid Eggs -- Disturbing

This, egg packet(?), was in the seaweed I collected. It looks tasty. I didn't eat it. Wondering if it will grow into something even tastier?

February's Esquire magazine pg.36 mentions that pricing is not the only thing "disturbing" in WholeFoods (Tom Junod re: a book about end times, The World Without Us.) Wait there's more

WholeFoods stocks "disturbing."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Metropolitan Bakery

In some ways it's better that the Metro closest to me is across town in Reading Terminal Market.

If WholeFood$ got together with Metro, uh oh.

Update: noticed that the little market on Spruce at 11th has Metro rolls.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Creme Obscene (update)

The creams sold at SuperFresh and WholeFoods seem to me to be overly gummy. When i bought a pint of heavy recently there was thicker stuff at the top but what was it gum or real fat? I made ice cream and wanted a dairy product with just one ingredient, cream. Only Trickling Springs fit the criteria. It was choice, price: $4.69/pint. On my last visit to Reading Terminal Market I checked out the dairy vendor in the Amish section. The pure cream heavy and pure 1/2 & 1/2 were exactly what I wanted for nearly 50% less. The heavy pints were $2.50, deal. I finally made the blood orange ice cream, people loved it but not as good as the coffee.

St. Agur

Ed at Salumeria (RTM) suggested this cheese a while back. We loved it back then and when we saw it again we started to work it into a dinner plan. We used pork chops from WholeFoods Market (quick cure) along with By George fettuccine, chanterelles (9.99lb), cippoline (Iovine) and hot frying peppers and fennel. The St. Agur is on top of the noodles. It was a savory winter dinner plate.

Mixed Grill

Here's a plate of grilled sea bass, scallops and grouper along with spicy sashimi tuna, avocado and crispy lotus root. The sea bass previously frozen because WFM observes MSC standards. Snopeas and beech mushrooms along with potato salad were easy/fast sides.

All of the fish from WholeFoods was $$$ and clost to perfecto.

Veau is Whoa Deux

Chops from South St. SuperFresh. Tasty with Coach Farm goat cheese, mixed greens, pistachio salad---blood orange vinaigrette.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bhajjis & Besan

These are Bhajjis.

Mine were not so tempting looking but they did taste good.

Besan is chickpea flour. We visited quite a few markets to locate this ingredient. WholeFood$ no, Essene sold out, Hung Vuong no, Spring Garden market negative, west philly halal and west indian grocers nah. West Philly Green Grocer (jammed-but no besan). Finally tracked down at Rice & Spice - Indian grocer next to Kabobeesh.

Hung Vuong had lotus root $1.99lb and quail eggs $1.39 for 10. Fried root and boied eggs rounded out my plate.

The Bhajjis go well with the green (mostly) chutney.

Vietnamese style chicken cari and a loaf from Hung Vuong came next.


Chimonanthus praecox var. 'Luteus'

I have been huffing this for a few years and just learned:
"The petals are used to flavour and scent tea, and if boiled and washed they can be eaten with oil and salt!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

$ale at WholeFoods Market

I borrowed an ice cream maker this week. I thought a lot about what flavor to start with (virgin). Great looking blood oranges were on $ale at WholeFoods Market. Great tasting ones were 50% less at Iovine. I ended up making coffee ice cream with a little grated blood orange zest. Iovine great blackberries for a buck. WholeFoods had Trickling Springs Creamery heavy cream. It has just one ingredient, cream.

So good, i'm proud.

House of Stews

Reading Terminal Market was buzzing Saturday and Sunday.

The Piano Man rocking the keys.


2 for now and 2 for later $9.99lb at WholeFoods Market.Very good price for very good beef.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Lunch

<----sunset West Cape May

There was fresh seaweed galore on the beach. I sampled a bunch for lunch and took a load down the road for the garden at my abode.

Brew haha

Kombucha an elixir thats my 2nd favorite fatigue fixer.

$2.50 on sale at WholeFoodsMarket.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


The folks at ACME are gonna cry foul when they discover their marketing playbook was swiped by the creatives at WholeFoods Market.

Chilean Cherries

$2/lb! I followed the outlines of this recipe.

At Reading Terminal Market Iovine had some Black Trumpets.
They were $9.99/lb! $1.40 worth were enough to completely perfume and round out my roast pork gravy. Also yellow plum tomatoes were $1.99/lb. I used them for a little bit of concasse. Then I added marjoram, shallots, the black trumpets and some cremini to the drippings and chicken stock. Served with ravioli that I made with grana, fontina and ricotta. All of the cheeses came from Salumeria (A+). Grana Padano is not available at WholeFoods Market anymore? We had an excellent Italian loaf from di Bruno and a little package of D'Artagnan 2% foie gras and truffles. All of that was super.

The brightest taste last night was the cherry crepes. They were booming with bright, ripe fruit flavor. My Lady scooped some Ciao Bella gelato and sliced the crepes jelly roll style. The flavors were divine.

Betwixt and Between

I saw lots of shoppers enjoying an extended holiday week. Seems like the effective start of 2008 will be 1st thing Monday morning.

Both Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market seemed curiously composed and civilized. I felt an extra cordial vibe in the air. It could be the tourists. Maybe it's the liminal zone.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Jose Pistolas was closed for lunch today. Who knew? We backtracked to Fogo and took a table for two. I'd been briefed on the strategy of going extremely light on the salad bar and exploiting the delectable Churrasco. We Chao'ed down. The billowy trousers on the 'gauchos' didn't slow down their service a bit. Flip your card to green and they whirl by with a skewer and a sharp knife. Their flier mentions "15 different delectable cuts." During our visit we saw only 8. None were too lean, a few were a bit past medium. The seasoning tended towards salty and suited the Churrasco flavors. Before today I was a Pão de queijo virgin. I would return for that pleasure alone.
Mark West Pinot Noir $11 hit the spot. The salad bar had just enough temptations to derail my strategy. I fell especially for the hams and cheeses, spinach and bread. The jalapeño-red onion salsa worked with the
Churrasco! The boxed croûtons were crispy, and the coffee was not cowboy brew.

Their magnificent dining room invites a circumspect pace. Yet I kept turning my card for another taste.


I've developed some issues with chocolate as of late. I figured the goods at Teu$cher would encourage restraint.

In this staid little shop at The Bellevue we $ampled $upremely $uperb $wiss chocolate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

I stopped by the Lobster House on my way back from the shore. Lobsters $8.99 lb, all sizes. In the shell oyster bin they had a different looking critter, $6.95 dz. I asked about the origin and was told Toms River. I took a dz. Spectacular!

A Chairman's selection, rose from Epernay, decidedly delicious with lobster from Cape May.