Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cape May Cooking

Jumbo deal on U10's @ Lobster House.

The spelling on the sauce didn't scare me, I grew up 'Cape May style'.

Calling it gravy is far worse.

This stew was very tasty. Made in Philly with mostly Cape May ingredients. The Maglio sausage was the one lame item. Far too salty with generic flavor, texture and seasonings. Rea's sauce was very nice ($7), strong bright tomato, light seasoning, lovely un-thickened texture, and a lively vegetable-y aroma.

Miraculous Gustation

Synsepalum dulcificum


Friday, May 30, 2008

West Cape May

Tastiest Gators come outta this pond.

Cape May Cooking

Tilefish from the Lobster House Fish Market with chive flowers and herbs. (for grill roasting)

Strawberry shortcake with Jersey Berries.

Cape May Cooking

Asparagus from Rea's market in West Cape May was outstanding.
Buffalo chicken salad.
Coffee granita.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Farmers mini-market

On Saturday Graiff Farms from Millville, NJ offered their produce under a tent in front of WholeFoods South st. They were selling tomatoes as 'Jersey Fresh'. Jersey hothouse tomatoes taste pretty much like goata**.

Basil and fresh green garlic with tortellini and broth.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer-ish Cooking

John Yi (Reading Terminal Mkt) had softies today $5 each. Tasty along with those U6's and Caesar.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Weekend Deal

Hardwood lump charcoal.
20# bags for #3.99 is a good deal.

The stuff is good for gardening too.


Philly Weekly has a food story about burgers this week. It's memorial day and all, I figured folks will be grilling plenty. So my suggestion, for burgers, is get good ground beef and don't kill it. The ground beef at Wholefoods is a good bet. Both the 90 and the 85 are usually excellent. Use the leaner one for the pan and the 85% for the grill. Harry Ochs in RTM will grind whatever cuts you like to order and his 'regular' is real good too.

Regarding the PW review Adam Erace must have wrote the review before the nutritional hangover hit him. Five guys will knock you for a loop. It's a lot like eating a geno's/pat's or two. You will pay. Y'all know I eat like a beast yet I rarely indulge in 5 guys. I admit it is very satisfying.

Pollo Rosso

Whole Foods has these chickens on $ale for $4.59/lb. That's easily double regular chicken price and it's triple the price of chicken that is actually on sale.

Pollo Rosso chicken tastes like a better chicken. It's not at all watery, it had no funkiness at all, the texture is very satisfying, firm and tender. The flavor was clean and mild to moderate chicken-y. This was a delicious chicken that has me meditating on other dishes where this prime ingredient would get proper respect.

In maybe not the cleverest approach I cured this bird for 4 hours (room temp) then slow cooked on a gas grill for about an hour. I finished it in a hot oven 10 mins. We had it with potato salad and fruit. It was very good. I'd buy it again.

10 Arts

Last night we heeded Philadelphia Weekly's excellent recommendation to visit Broad St. Borders and listen to Frank Bender. He was mesmerizing. His stories were far out and completely brilliant. They ranged from first hand dealings with the SLA to the boy in a box. Fantastic

Anyway, afterwards we wanted to see what's up at the Ritz with Eric Ripert and all.

The dinner menu is modest. Bistro style cooking and just 11 'entrees' including 2 burgers: fish $19 and sirloin $16. With the $9 chicken soup and $8 french fries it looks like they are shooting for a 15% food cost. The $3 each 1/2 shell oysters should help too.

We decided to pass. The 3 star prices and basic bistro dishes didn't hook us. The lounge nearly held us in it's spell but La Lupe was calling.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

South St Today

Sporty new lamps.

Rainy at Passyunk market. Those yellow shoots are pokeweed.

Monday, May 19, 2008


MMMM mmm Pork braciole from Cannuli, pappardelle from Talluto along with fennel gratin. So perfect for a cool spring evening with a bottle of 'super Tuscan'.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Love Street Gourmet $uperfood

This is an item found in WholeFoods. It's imported from Pittsburgh PA (not snacking with bin Laden.) But $2.99/oz. Thats a lot right? Decided to test it out. (WFM did not have it in the fridge as recommended. I wondered if the 3gm of fiber per oz might be an alert.)

Not so. This is a virtuoso level creation. The flavor is subtle but rich. It has a lively, tropical kind of note, with sweetness in the background and cacao way up front.

It does not have a buttery or much of a creamy quality still, in your mouth, it does a lush melt down, fiber and all-----> 16gm of fat in 1oz! The fat source is coconut oil. 25% of your recommended daily fat in 1oz is Gourmet Superfood.

Maple Viewing II

At a private C.NJ coast garden we attended another Maple Viewing. The trees were spectacular. There was an auction to benefit the North American Maple society!

The cooking too was delightful. A clever and simple garden party menu was served: Cuban sandwiches, crispy pastry with shrimp and cilantro, cole slaw, fruit, panzanella ...... brilliant cooking, superb hospitality.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

La Perla Tapatia

Their Chile Relleno might be the tastiest dish on this end of South St.

South St tree-less

The view from 4th & South st. It's gritty in the city without any green.

You'd think they would have let the gum tree stick around!


WholeFoods is selling Japanese Maples! Not sure if they are organic but they seem to be PA bred.
This plant not from WFM


Teuscher is to chocolate truffles as Sarcone is to hoagies. Teuscher with an edge on the packaging. Sarcone with an edge on price

Monday, May 12, 2008

WholeFoods Market

Pollo Rosso chickens caught my attention as I was grabbing a Bell & Evans to make some stock. There was a bit of info about these a while back in Cooks Illustrated. Gonna give one a try soon.

Robiola $7.99/8.8oz. I brought one with me to Mother's Day. Although the texture was luscious, the flavor was unremarkable. When i spread some over a hot slice of rare, smoky flank steak I liked it much better.

Alexandras' Baklava

Baklava made by a relative. An excellent version with far subtler charms than most.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dining with bin Laden

Riding with bin laden meant that wasting fuel (by driving alone particularly) was unpatriotic. Dining with bin laden is purchasing food that conspicuously uses up more than it's share of fuel. I loathe gigantic, vulgar vehicles but I've no problem with fish from Chile or beans from Japan, or coffee from Hawaii.

I saw these pork cutlets with the all the local stickers. I could try tonkatsu again, need the practice.

It all worked out OK. Nothing great, still working on it.

The pork was clean flavored, mild and consistent, tender texture. It came from Leidy's in Soudertown PA

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Deals

Several deals at WholeFoods Market for M day. Beef filet is $19.99# it's very good.

Tuna loin too is on sale @ $17.99# again pricey but a deal at that price.

They also have nice size herb plants $2.50 (selection limited.)

It emerged from below!

Unearthly emergence of

Phyllostachy Nigra