Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rabbit Stew and Lemon Curd Cake

The lil lady saw this cake here and we both thought it looked worth trying.
It was delicious.

The rabbit is from D'angelo. It was a prime bunny with nice freshness and good fat, not old and stiff at all.

I used the fava beans in the stew as well as plenty of mushrooms and onions, tomatoes, herbs and chicken stock. Served it over Talluto fettuccine with grated peppered pecorino. The Cracked wheat sourdough loaf from Metro was choice with this plate.

The rabbits liver was peppered and seared then buttered, salted and garlic chives.


e said...

That lemon cake looks outrageous. Would you say it was more on the tangy side or the sweet side? I love lemon but hate overly sugary lemon flavors

Gaetano said...

Definitely more on the tangy with a creamy quality (mascarpone). I do know that the lil lady cut back on the sugar quantities. Let me know if you want the revised recipe.