Friday, February 20, 2009

YELP! Philly

Philly Yelp!, the haven for clamorous louts, often gets my goat.

I've been meaning to say something for a while but I held my tongue because I did (see update) get a bunch of traffic from Philly YELP! I had quite a few reviews posted on Philly YELP!

I decided to speak out today because I saw this piece about YELP! and extortion.

I shoulda pulled the trigger on Philly YELP! over the juvey circle jerk that YELP! calls "today in talk". This feature involves the banter of a few Philly YELP! habitues beating the bloated horse with the infrequent pithy quip tossed in. "Today in talk" is dreadful enough but there's a bonus! You can visit the profiles of the bickering wenches and take a gander at their portfolios of uploaded glamor shots. Their uploaded images, just as sexy as their reviews. YELP!'s own 'Big Papa' Jeremy Stoppelman strikes a peacockesque pose (pic above) on his profile page.

After the 1000th "to die for" "melt in your mouth" and "awesome waitress" you might think enough but you'd be missing out on the cache of cat food info available. Something like 93% of YELP! male members are feline lovers! YELP! visitors can get the scoop on the latest in Philly pussy chow. That's something to YELP! about.

UPDATE: soon after this post I received an official message from YELP HQ. I was told to take down all my posts containing links to this blog I told Yelp to get F'ed. Yelp has credibility problems because they are as phony and greedy as their leadership. Test my theory Google Yelp Blows, Yelp Sucks, Yelp Philly Sucks, Yelp Philly Blows.

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C & E said...

No Doubt...I love contributing to Yelp Philly but the Talk is completely inane and not worth much...reminds me of user forums back when I used to MMORPG.

I'm only hoping that the Yelp extortion is a West-Coast phenomena. The Philly version of underhanded promotion? Restaurants giving off-duty strippers free drink passes to happy hour as Rick Nichols rumored...