Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Dough: Stretch It. Use It Wisely

I had scraps of Fontina, Mozz, a hunk of goat cheese and a little fresh oregano. I had a defrosted Brooklyn dough ball. Over at South St. SuperFresh I grabbed one half pound of 'hamcola' and a couple of onions. WholeFoods has loose crimini mushrooms and I used their 365 marinara.

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C & E said...

All right G, you've got me checking that darn shelf in the freezer every time I got to WFM and it's always bare.

Do you have a stash in your deep freeze like Elaine and 'The Sponge'?

I used to manage a pizza place, so I know all about dough-first this stuff really that good? I must know...