Friday, March 27, 2009

Togarashi Rockfish and Seaweed Ramen

There was a pristine slab of Bass in WholeFoods this morning. I grabbed a 24 oz. slice. The price was 15.99#. At Essene I grabbed a stick of burdock root and a packet of seaweed ramen noodles. At the Italian some cilantro and scallions and finally at Huong Vuong a pack of quail eggs, some thai basil, shitakes and togarashi. This was a delightful, spring like dish that would have been just as tasty with a less pricey fish.

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manju said...

Love how you shop for ingredients in so many diverse places! I'm still figuring out all the foodie places around here in the DC area.

This looks like a great combo. I usually think of fowl or pork to top noodle soups but I'm going to try some fish next time!