Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not Paris But Not Parc Either........Bistrot La Minette

We enjoyed dining at Bistrot La Minette last night. The Bistrot hospitality was superb and the cooking was very decent. The dining room had understated, tasteful touches way less French stage set than other 'bistros' around town.
The host was gracious and polished and the servers had an effective team service ethic at work. The cooking was a little spotty but enjoyable.

We started with a shared glass of muscat (graciously split) and an order of foie that was tasty if a bit under seared. Next the mussel dish with poached egg was buttery and delightful. The mussels were flavorful but without the a la minute plump juiciness that would have made this dish shimmer. The quail, stuffed with garlic sausage, could have used more assertiveness in the seasoning and roasting but was very enjoyable. I had monkfish as a main course. The fish was prime and tasty the amercaine sauce not so much.It was served with brussel sprouts that supplied an inventive, delicious vegetable crunch perfect with the meaty fish and mashed potatoes. The braised rabbit too was tasty but a bit on the cooked side. The 'tagliatelle' were nothing of the sort and more like a doughy fettuccine that detracted from the composition. We shared a lemon tart with cassis sorbet. My server was flawless until he served a delayed, warmish coffee at meal's end.

Craig LaBan
criticised the bread on his visit to Bistrot La Minette. I too thought the crumb too fine but the crust was nice as was the salty butter. His review also touches on a soupy dauphinois. I sampled that gratin and now it's not soupy but more curdish, tasty enough.

I drank calvados throughout dinner (chablis by the glass would have been welcome) but the lil lady started with 'Pomme A La Poire' made with calvados and pear puree and enough cinnamon to spice several orders of french toast.

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