Wednesday, May 6, 2009

King of Canele ........The Best Lele's in the Land

I am considering taking my canele on the road. My idea is to test the waters at HeadHouse Farmers Market. I was thinking that canele and Poetry to Burn organic beeswax candles may make a synergistic combination. Any suggestions?


C & E said...

I'd buy a half-dozen! Much better than those nit-wits with the quiches and pastries.

Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Gaetano, do you have access to a commercial kitchen and a ServSafe cert? That's all you really need to sell your canele...along with paying the stupid Business Privilege Tax ($250) to do ANYTHING in this goddamn city. Keep us in the loop with your progress.

Gaetano said...

Chris & Felicia- thanks for your support. I may have an in at the Sunday Headhouse Mkt. I'm going to chat up Joe the coffee guy and maybe see it there could be synergy.