Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roast Pork at Johnny Bears 1512 Lounge

There is always lots of hype about the best roast pork sandwich. I often hear about the famous spots: Johns, Dinic, Nicks, Shank and Evelyn's, Tony Luke etc. A few weeks ago we were too late for a couple of spots that we thought would be open, and stymied, we remembered that Johnny Bears sometimes does late night pork sandwiches. We gave a call, got the OK and headed down. (1512 Shunk)

The sandwiches were excellent. The pork had just come out of the oven. It was sliced super thin and just cooked. The gravy was lean and tasty and the rolls were the small Cacia's, flaky and light. It was a dead serious pork sandwich made with the deftest touch. He served the sandwiches with these peppers that were fried until they were dry and semi-crispy. Johnny Bear told me that it was customary to roll and crush these peppers between your hands over a bowl of pasta and then scrape up any bits clinging to your hands with bread. I have a foggy memory of my dad, Gaetano Sr., doing this when I was a kid!

Johnny Bear generously gave me a bag of these peppers to take with me. They add a delightful spark to so many dishes. We've had them on burgers, on Sarcone's hoagie, on cheesesteaks and on several pasta dishes. My son saw them and said that these are sometimes referred to as cockroaches. That does sound familiar as well.


C & E said...

I overheard some people at a local bar complaining about how it's hard to find a good roast pork sandwich after sundown in Philly and thought "How True"...thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to report Johnny Bears is closed