Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday at Markets

I stopped by HeadHouse today to see what is up at Saturday Market there. Livengood's famous potatoes were available and I did need taters for Mom's day salad. I met John of John and Kira's chocolate. I also chatted up the market Mgr. Nicky about helping me find customers for my canele.

Organic$ Mechanic$ has been my potting soil of choice but OMFG WholeFood$ raised the price from $7.99 to $10.99. 35% increase, really WTF?

The Italian Mkt was bustling and, ahead of schedule, it's summer aroma is nearly fully ripened.

UPDATE 5/14: WholeFoods dropped the soil price back to $7.99/bag.


Taylor said...

Personally know the Organic Mechanics guys, and they do make the best soil, but it was so cheap at WF last year because WF were selling it only sightly above cost. It was an unbelievably good deal last year at WF. I see OM soil at most garden centers at about the same price or a little higher than this year's WF price.

Gaetano said...

I suggest gardeners pop across the street to All Occasions and buy the larger organic mechanics bag. The savings is about 50%.

e said...

I've got a customer for your canele right here!

Gaetano said...

e- thanks for your support. I may have an in at the Sunday Headhouse Mkt. I'm going to chat up Joe the coffee guy and maybe see it there could be synergy.