Friday, June 12, 2009

Crevettes Duet

WholeFoods has U-15 previously frozen shrimp @$12.99/#. According to Ken (the fish Dept mgr at South St) these were fresh American shrimp that WholeFoods got a good deal on and bought up a few weeks back. They sold some fresh and froze some. I guess i missed the fresh ones. The frozen version is very good. We used them a few times. Lil lady made the shrimp n grits.


Anonymous said...

US, previously-frozen, wild, 16-20 count shrimp are $8.99 per pound this week at super fresh. They have been "on sale" continually for weeks, sometimes as low as $7.99 per pound. Also keep in mind these shrimp are frozen on the boat, so they are 'fresher' than the frozen ones at whole foods. Now if they could only get the slacker seafood guy to stay behind his counter you could buy them at this price.

It is always worth the effort to comparison shop between these two. While super fresh usually will win on price, whole foods holds its own on many items.

Gaetano said...

Thanks for that tip. Fear and mistrust has blinded me to the seafood offerings at Superfresh but I'm willing to give them another look.

I agree on the comparison shopping. I find that SuperFresh and WholeFoods excel in different depts.

SuperFresh presents many more obstacles to a good shopping experience than WholeFoods. In my view SF needs to keep improving the fundamentals. The front door that was broken for 2 or 3 years is a example of their disregard for good service basics. Overall though SuperFresh has made good improvement since the renovation.