Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday at HeadHouse Market

Beautiful Sunday for marketing. Headhouse had a nice crowd and I was there at Joes Coffee stand with Market Day Canele! Because I am going through changes, trying to get my canele to come out right in these new molds, I didn't have very many to sell. I did sell out in just 2 hours so I was very pleased. Thanks to everyone who tried out my canele.

I was so knocked out from baking through wee hours that I did not really check out other vendors. I did see folks walking around with garlic scapes. I wanted some but spaced.


Celeste said...

OMG – where did you get the great big cannele mold? And I love the nun logo. Now, having said that, since I won’t be in Philly for – maybe – ever, I will partake of Trader Joe's treats. Also, they now have chocolate. Your canneles look lovely!

Gaetano said...

Celeste thanks so much for the compliment. The mold is a pro 54 cavity deal from a Brooklyn bakery supply. I have not got a perfect example out of that mold so far though...Still testing temps and times.

let me know when you get around to visiting.