Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beautiful Sunday


These sunny , dry and breezy days lift my spirits and my canele. An excellent batch today. Right on time too because Chefs Alison Barshak and Mitch Prensky stopped by and each grabbed a pack.

Alison psyched me out by striking up a conversation about the best value on canele in Paris.

The produce everywhere was sparkling but I was a little bit too busy to really check things out.

The sandwich is WholeFoods Market Italian sausage pattie, with provolone and brocoli rabe also from WholeFoods on a kaiser from Superfresh with some cucarachas, crushed up, on top. Locavoracious


Emily said...

My boyfriend and I tried a sample at the Headhouse Market several weeks ago and now are hooked! We have plans to stop by this Sunday to buy several more...keep up the good work!

Gaetano said...

Emily thank you so much for stopping by. Yahoo! glad you like them. I changed the recipe a bit this week (7/26) ...please leave a comment if you have some feedback for me.