Friday, July 3, 2009

Local Killah Vanilla

Canele rely on superb vanilla notes. I've used a bunch of different vendors for vanilla but so far Vanilla Products, a dealer in Doylestown, is tops. It is claimed that the Indo beans work best for long, hot cooking dishes. These beans are meaty with moderate caviar and excellent aroma they have a light but firm vanilla flavor. They are about a buck each by the quarter pound. Beans in S Philly go for $2.50 each and fancy beans at WholeFoods are about $7 each!


e said...

I buy my vanilla beans from Vanilla Products in Doylestown also. They even through in free samples when you buy in large enough quantities.

Gaetano said...

E, i throw those complimentary beans into my big rum jug for canele.

Holly H. said...

I've made homemade vanilla extract for just about every person I've ever met with these beans. They're incredible.