Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jim's Steaks ............Worth It

This Summer, as I was on my way back from HeadHouse each Sunday, I reflected on the pitiful tourists lined up around the corner at 4th & South St. I felt called to walk among them and preach about Steve's and Sonny's and denounce Delasando's, Geno's, Pat's etc.

Maybe around mid-summer someone who I trust to know Philly sandwiches mentioned that they had a good steak at Jim's. A few weeks after that, my sister, a culinary professional, said the same thing, she's not a meat and cheese barbarian. So getting to Jim's has been on my list to check out. The first time I tried the line was way long. Tonight I was about the third person and it was quick. The staff hustle there.

I've been eating Jim's for a long, long while. I never thought they were very special. Jim's Steaks always packed a fat, salt and grease KO punch and if you wrapped a couple of slices of Lorenzo around a Jim's you were really South St. set.

Even in the 80's Jim's had the Philly vibe on the cheese steak line. It still does. The fellas are working hard in a steamy, popular tourist spot and you can plainly see that. Their teamwork looks natural and automatic. The menacing white dude who used to lord over the workers wasn't there.

Hey, the steak was really good. The touch was light and crafty. A just right dose of wiz, and an excellent soft roll complimented the hashed beef. The onions and mushrooms had genuine flavor. Beef that wasn't dry or greasy or too shredded with fairly clean flavor. I liked it a lot. The quality and attention to detail was obvious. I was impressed.

Jim's keeps it extra real with delectable Wise chips. The tiny bag is old school.

For tourists it is worthwhile. Your patience is rewarded with an authentic and tasty Philly cheese steak


Easton Heights Blogger said...

Jim's on the corner of 4th and South? I was there once some years ago. What about Ricks?

Gaetano said...

Hey EHR,
Ya Jim's on South St. It may have improved since your visit.

Rick's is no longer in RTM:

I don't think Rick was ever a contender for best cheesesteak. Steve Prince of Steaks in the NE is #1 in my experience.