Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jim's Steaks Revisited

The Lil Lady was incredulous when I told her that Jim's was pretty good on my recent visit. She needed to confirm my impressions. We stopped in this week for lunch. The vibe inside was definitely different. Everyone in line was a retired Winnebago type person. The 4-5 in front of us were nice folks from MI. The sandwich maker was playful & patient with them as they tried ordering in proper ch steak syntax. Even though there were only about a dozen people around the counter the din created by the other staffers was a distraction that grated on my ears and was causing lots of repeated messages and slowing service. It seemed like the B-team was trying to run the show. The sandwich maker asked me a couple times 'was that wiz with?'

Ok, we got the sandwiches and the LL says "are you kidding, you don't think this is salty?" It did seem wetter and saltier. The grill guy splashed on a few ounces of liquid as he was chopping that I assumed was water but the LL said "no way that stuff was viscous." We both finished but at the end she pointed out a little bit too much congealed grease and also suspicious looking transparent fluid that had gelled on the wrapping paper.

So this time I have to say the workers were not on point at all. Even the grill guy was yucking it up a lil bit too much as if he were a Disney grill cook or a New Orleans shoe shine man. The other workers were noisy and unpleasant. The sandwich was in the better thn average range but not worth a special trip. For the 2 sandwiches and 2 sm chips, 1 water it was about $20.

For $20 at Famous 4th, just down the street, you'd be far better fed (take out).


Renée T. Bouchard said...

I am NOT a fan of Jim's. I was really unimpressed the one time I went- cold meat (not even warm enough to soften the american cheese I ordered on my cheesesteak), cold mushrooms from a can, greasy, totally unappetizing.

Easton Heights Blogger said...

this whole Philly cheese steak thing is mind boggling; everyone has their favorite, but each of those favorites has their detractors. makes one want to just stay home and do it myself!

Gaetano said...


Jims is definitely not an "american" cheese steak spot.


making them at home is an excellent idea. Getting good chip steak may be tricky and you need a decent roll. It is completely doable. My mom made excellent cheese steaks in an old school frying pan.

Lots of people in Philly do have their favorites. Eating at Jims (wiz/with) is not a waste of time. it gives a base line to calibrate from. I insist that Steve's (prince of steaks)is hard to beat and Sonny's on Mkt. St. is often very good.

If you make a decent steak yourself take a pic and send it over please.