Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It took us way too long to get around to Paesano's. The sandwiches there seem to get accolades from everyone. We found that they are well deserved. Yesterday we stopped in for a late lunch and ate at the counter. We shared a roast beef and a pork sandwich. Both were very tasty. The pork was the pulled style with broccoli rabe, long hots and provolone and the roast beef was made with horseradish and ricotta(?). These were both on soft but crispy seeded Liscio's rolls. The folks cooking and serving were very warm and on the ball. This spot was a gem except the housekeeping was sketchy. It was real good cooking. Better sandwiches than Dinic's or Johnny Bears .......I don't know about that. The interpretations were maybe too different to compare.

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Sydney Hotels said...

Wow, looks great! Love to eat broccoli. Roast beef is yummy. Can't wait to visit the place.