Sunday, November 8, 2009

John & Kira's Chocolates

Last week I noticed these great looking pumpkin confections at John & Kira's table at Sunday Market. This week I grabbed them and brought them home as a gift for the lil lady. You can see the crafty beauty in a glance. Same with the flavor and texture which elicits a blissful pause for reflection. By coincidence I ate a few Teuschers champagne truffles this week. These lil pumpkins are in the same league as Teuscher. The 6 pumpkin box $15.00.

Those tender greens are crispy pea shoots from Weaver's Way.


FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I've always wanted to try those truffles whenever I see them at farmer's markets!

Gaetano said...

J&K do an excellent job. My lil lady was thrilled with the lil pumpkins.

Thanks for your comment.

Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Those pumpkins are so pretty. I love how they fill them with chocolate ganache... the only way to gild that particular lily!

Gaetano said...

There is ganache inside along with fig. Unexpected and uniquely delish.