Friday, November 6, 2009

Scharfe Maxx & Faragalli

The lil lady picked up this delicious cows milk cheese this afternoon. We enjoyed it with a braided Faragalli loaf a lil wedge of Brillat and a glass of jug red. Scharfe Maxx was painfully expensive @ $25/# (DiBruno Bro$) but that's the deal shopping for grub in Rittenhouse area. The cheese is described as sharp,sweet and barnyardy. It was really tasty at room temp.

The Faragalli braided loaf is a satifyingly dense, chewy and flavorful bread. The tiny piece of Brillat Savarin came from WholeFoods it was ripe, sweet and luscious.

3 comments: said...

i love both those things. but you've got to stop refering to dibruno brothers prices as "painfully expensive" and using "dibruno bro$", listen, you think the relatively small production gruyere from switzerland should be $6 a pound? what do you say when people say "your artisan canele are very expensive compared to what i can get at the acme" we pay alot for these cheeses and in order to pay them off, and maintain a knowledgeable staff we charge the margin we have to. if you want to get cheese at the acme or wholefoods ( whose prices are not a huge amount better than ours ) you can but you wont get the service or selection we offer. i know it aint cheap, i buy alot of cheeses myself but should we dumb down our selection? not charge actual margin? we do what we have to do, just like you, because some people deserve it.

Gaetano said...

Zombie I do respect your impassioned defense.

You ask how I respond when a person says "your artisan canele are very expensive compared to what i can get at the acme". Are you aware that canele are not available at the ACME? They are however available at Dibruno Bro$ (Chestnut St). Not surprisingly at DiBruno Bro$ they cost more, they are smaller and poorly made.

I recall the "Italian chestnuts" near the cashier on 9th st through the Christmas season were about triple the price of chestnuts anywhere on 9th St and 2x the price at WholeFoods.

DiBruno becomes Dibruno Bro$ because showcasing items with ridiculous pricing is marketing. Right? I often see prominent signage for $100 ham of $80 cheddar. Is that what your customers get into?

Once (4/19/10)I did find a cheese that was priced lower at DiBruno Bros. I did mention it on my blog.

I'm against dumbing down anything. I do appreciate a little bit of cheese-ology when I visit your shop I just don't want to pay extra for it.

I'm glad we both love Faragalli!

Have you been over to Claudio to taste the Basajo and Cusie?

Anonymous said...

heyo, nice chatting today, just wanted to clarify a few things, when i said "canele at acme" i meant that people sometimes balk at the price of artisan goods even though the price is fair considering what goes into it. as for our showcasing high ticket items, it is marketing. and the customers get into our being just about the only place in the city you can get jamon iberico. and we're not gouging on that, look at just about any other retailer of that and its the same across the board. hooks 15 year cheddar really cost us so much we had to sell it at $79.99 but we were the only people with 15 year cheddar (we did see it for sale on a website for less than we paid for it direct and that pissed us off ) as for the chestnuts, i dont know how anyone was selling them for less than we paid. that is the truth and i saw them out there too, i have to wonder if they were really italian, but i digress. and for claudios and basajo, send me your email address and i will answer that question privately, ( on that note, this is more of a communication than a comment so you can delete it from the site after you read it ) i do go to claudios for ferro china bitters which are awesome. talk to you soon.