Friday, January 15, 2010

Piazza at Schmidt's Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the opening market day for the Piazza at Schmidt's. We'll be there with Joe coffee. Joe has a a fresh batch of this tasty Nicaraguan along with a bunch of others all roasted within the last 24-48 hrs.

Market Day Canelé will also be at Clark Park.


lisetta said...

My friend bought a roll of your mini canele at the Clark Park Farmer's Market this morning and they are BURNED and dried up!!!! Not at ALL what the samples tasted like!!!! Very disappointing, indeed.

Gaetano said...


Sorry your friend received an extra crispy roll. The sample canelé and the packaged canelé are all cooked in the same way. Some are more cooked because of hotter spots in the oven.

You or your friend can have a replacement roll anytime. Stop by next weekend or send me a message.

Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

I bought the two larger ones in a package yesterday at the Piazza. They are GONE. They didn't even last the whole weekend. I ate mine with some chocolate ice cream, which might be a "bastardization" but the combo was amazing. I'll pick them up whenever I get the chance!

Gaetano said...

Thanks so much for your comment Anon. Canelé make a happy pairing with lots of stuff.