Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TV LADY CHEFS (& Guy Fieri)Please Listen Up

When we watch a TV cooking show it is usually Jacques Pepin. We're both fans. In fact the lil lady is so enamored of Jacques that she has proposed "more Pepin in two thousand ten" as a culinary rallying statement (with the French accent, of course).

In my view Pepin is to most other cooking shows as angel hair pasta is to pasta with hair.

Hairy Lady Chefs LISTEN UP:

Your hair flouncing around and over every step of every dish represents a deficiency in the most basic of food safety principles.

Hairy Chefs: Tie back your locks.

Blingy Chefs: Remove your jewelry. It is not legit in the kitchen. Guy Fieri is an appalling example. He's as bejeweled as a Queen on his show.

Ladies, germs and bejeweled hairy folk: Set a good example by abiding by Food Safety Fundamentals.


Man-Woman said...

couldn't agree more!

Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Pretty is as pretty does, on TV at least. These women, especially the "sexy" chefs like Giada and Nigella, are selling themselves as a product -- hair down equals attractive ratings.

At least it's just the crew eating up those made-for-TV plates and not the paying public.