Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is Parc Green ?

How much crap does a very large restaurant dump?

We have a bunch of friends and acquaintances who are current and former employees of Parc. I always hear about the mad business that this spot generates. I've heard about lines of grinning tourists queued up on weekend mornings as if they are going on a Disney adventure. Parc is a sheeples magnet. I was there on Valentine's morning grabbing a baguette. There was a remarkably homogeneous mob of love birds there to feed. I felt like a voyeur among them as I waited to pay for the bread.

Anyway, along with all that biz, gargantuan loads of recycle-able and compostable material are generated and sent to the land fill. I mean bottles by the thousands and loaves, leafs and left-overs by the tons. SRO is obviously not the only offender maybe not even the worst but a restaurant called Parc is a good target. SRO instituting an enterprise wide green campaign seems unlikely but landfilling tons of crap every day from a Rittenhouse location and having the name Parc gets my goat.

I did check in earlier this week with Parc, via E-mail, to ask about recycling efforts. No answer.


Kelly said...

I feel the same way about Parc and would like to know what their recycling efforts are like. I know they do so many covers a day and there are so many Rittenhouse mistresses that waste 75% of their food that I'm sure there is some significant crap to deal with.

jennifer said...

i couldn't agree more. the waste and opportunity lost to make a difference is gross! i am also pretty passionate about the opportunity that SRO is ignoring to be a shining example when it comes to purchasing organic, local and renewable sources from their purveyors.

Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Single-stream recycling is easy and just as cheap as tossing it all in the garbage -- I checked out many waste pickup companies when I managed a two small gelato shops. SRO needs to get with this!