Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday at Clark Water Park

It wasn't as bad as the alarmist media led me to expect out on 43rd St. Saturday. Clark park customers are as intrepid as the vendors so biz was good for the first 2 hours. Canele were selling well and people are getting into the caramels as well.

Then our tent got blown away and well, we left and went to Vietnam Cafe.


Tom said...


Thanks for the Caneles for my grandparents. They loved them. I told Nana to write on your blog but she was a little confused. So... she sent me her regards via email:

"We're enjoying our assorted size Caneles. The small ones are just the right size for a quick snack. We like the large size for an individual dessert. The buttery crispness of the outside is such a wonderful contrast to the farm fresh flavor of the
inside and they have just the right sweetness. We think they taste great, and so nice to serve to friends.

Thanks loads,
Nana and PopPop,too"

Thanks again! Nana loves you!


Gaetano said...

Market Day Canele delivering a little culinary joy across the generations.

Thanks you so much for your message.