Monday, April 19, 2010


This cheese was getting so much buzz a little while back. We searched around town this past Winter but didn't find it. Checked at the culinary pioneer$$ several times and it was always "we're sold out of that but you might wanna try ."

Today at Reading Terminal Mkt. Chaource was in the case at Downtown Cheese. It does live up to it's hype. It's rich and earthy with delicious moldy, barnyardy rind and slightly pungent, gooey center. $13.99 for about 9oz. I found that it is rich and interestingly delicious for a few bites and then it's too blunt. Maybe with champagne, Chaorce's classic partner, it would have less transitive charms. We had it with zinfandel and it was a felicitous match. The cheese pinned down the wine with unctuous, musky, creaminess. But the zinfandel soon turned the tables and drew even with candied fruit notes. We also had an excellent Metro baguette. It was a superb, crusty and fresh loaf from Metro at Reading Terminal.

2 Interesting notes from this page. Chaource is sold in a creme form which supplies "
the convenience of spoonability most appreciated in kitchens." Melting chaource over a baked potato, a suggestion from the same page, makes perfect sense.

UPDATE: I'm not sure if I've ever reported Dibruno Bro$ having a lower price than a competitor. Right now, 4/22 Chaource is $12.99 on 9th St.