Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cowardly Crap

First off, how does it work that KYW "news" radio "give us 22 minutes and we'll fill you with pablum" did not mention a syllable about the cowardly mowing down of unarmed men and children. This story is truly disturbing. It's not conjecture. It's on tape, and it surely looks like a group of cowardly, privileged jackasses killing folks who are not threatening in any way. Pretty sure this was news all over the world, but that vid is not to be found on KYW. Along with this particular cowardly gap of coverage, the extreme dumbing down of issues and the over the top, folky chumminess taints nearly everything they "report."

KYW harps on their journalism awards. I feel embarrassed for them. Awarding them for journalism is about as legit as awarding Steven Starr a James Beard for restaurateur-ing. It's laughable, and it discredits the institution that bestows the "honor." If your journalism is so excellent let it speak for itself. This BS is as phony as the donkey who stammers "I've got you to loathe me........businesses that botch...blah blah blah."

Wait. Another thing about KYW advertisements. Would you go to a cancer hospital because it's trying to sell you on their technology??? I'd be frightened. Is St. Mary's part owner of KYW? It seems so. All those hospital ads and the jackie who repeats, "What are you waiting for?!" have me convinced that the more advertisements, the more desperation.

Let's move on to the cowardly and lame. Tiger Woods and Nike. Micheal Vick is a saint compared to the piece of crap that is Tiger Woods. I'm not a big sports guy, so you might think I'm talking out of school. I'm not. I "knew" he was an asshole but Dave Zirin, who does know about sports, gave an informative talk on NPR detailing Tiger's pathetic lack of character. This essay spells out how Tiger rolls low-life style.

UPDATE: Regarding the Iraqi murder incident a soldier who was at the scene said that it was wrong to fire on the van that was retrieving the bodies. The soldier issued this letter to Iraqi's


Anonymous said...

since suicide bombers and those that strap bombs on children or set IEDs aren't exactly 'noble', I don't know if it's fair to label these soldiers 'cowards'.
cowards and heroes on both sides, all depends on your POV.

Gaetano said...

Hey I agree about cowards on both sides. Should we fight cowardice with cowardice?

Did you see the vid? Those people were not trying to hide, get away, or attack. How does it make sense to kill plainly defenseless people?

Anonymous said...

saw the video, but since I wasn't there, I can't make a judgement on it. you might want to read the articles in the papers about it; the soldiers were tracking some fighters matching that description, they had AK-47s and RPGs, besides the 2 embedded cameramen.
just saying there are 2 sides to every story; truth to one is propaganda to another.

Anonymous said...

Anon your points are as milquetoasty as your anonymous identity.

The video shows a helicopter gunship tearing up a van that is attempting to gather dead looking bodies. There are children inside the vehicle.

You need to be there to discern the cowardliness of this act? Find your spine dude.