Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ebay Canele Tools and Fools

I keep my eye on Ebay auctions for canele molds. I once got a great deal on a set of Mauviel Molds.

Earlier in the week I saw this auction on Ebay and I noticed that the seller had swiped one of my pics to use in his listing. I gave him grief about it and he apologized. We chatted a little bit about canele. He told me that he had not had any luck making canele. He was disappointed At that time I was still holding on to the possibility of an online deal.

In the auction description seller says that he spent the equivalent of $180 while in Paris on these molds! Hmmmm the dollar must have been at an all time low then. These exact same molds are widely available for roughly $17 to $21 each.
I swiped the photo here from his auction listing. These molds have been bid over $160 for 6 with 8 hours to go! YIKES


Christopher said...

Christopher said...
It's crazy. I just don't understand it. And actually I double checked. I paid $190 total (before the VAT refund). The Euro was definitely much stronger than it is now.

Anonymous said...

I bought mine from the Sarlat branch of Lemoine, and they cost 60 Euro (a bit less than $80) for a dozen of the 2-inch molds. I don't know how they compare with the Mauviel, but they have a good heft to them.

Pilinut (to whose question you so kindly responded on Chowhound)

Gaetano said...

Thngs have not changed much in USA. JB Prince prices are still the best i've found.

Amazon has too many users convinced of their canna-niscience. Prices are not the best.

I haven't seen any steals on ebay. There has been a few decent buys.

Anyone with observation on matters of quality of copper molds?