Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cape May Report

Monday was the 2nd time this month that we found superb softies at the Lobster House. Here is a 5+oz lively and tissue soft crab for 3.50! We tempura-ed these crabs and plated them with Vietnamese style pork ribs, crispy fresh home-grown Asian greens and rice. Sublime!

We did not try out the salts because they can be disappointing when the weather heats up. We did grab top necks. They were the briniest / sweetest clams ever. Even if the salts had been fine these were easily as delicious and bracingly tasty.

On my last visit to The Lobster House I ran into Mike Colameco!

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Jenn Siegel said...

seriously im coming over for dinner! the crab & ribs looks divine!