Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Buffet Dismay Minado Sushi

Sushi Buffet........YIKES it sounds wrong. Geographically Minado is only a short shuffle from Blue Fin. Cuisine wise these spots are separated by several light years. This "Buffet Restaurant" in Norristown had me tricked for a few minutes. When we settled in the dining room I was relieved to see the place was thick with Asians. A few minutes later, at the buffet, many of the staff appeared to be Mexican. Back at the table it all came together. Frugal Asians eating 'sushi buffet' assembled by Mexicans. This post could simply have been : Minado Sushi Buffet NO.

Really nothing at all was especially enjoyable. I tried 20 or so different items. Each slice of fish had the same gritty, dipped/treated texture. I would defy anyone to ID their sashimi blindfolded. The rice was clammy, pasty and under-seasoned. The sauces were flat, overly diluted and, seemed to me, assembled from low quality ingredients. There was no sense of a Japanese culinary aesthetic.

Our server was attentive and friendly as were the guys at the buffet.

The price is low but the grub is woe. Don't go.


Anonymous said...

What is your issue with Mexicans? You know most restaurants you go to whether it is Korean, Chinese, Indian, american, or any other type of food have Mexicans preparing it in the kitchens. Also most Asian food that the white man eats is just american food made by asian people, all that crappy asian food is crappy because they try to pander to the low class taste of the average American person. Oh, and lets let the Asians decide where the best Asian food is.

Gaetano said...

Anonymous, thanks for speaking up.

I'm skeptical about Mexican cooks preparing sushi only as much as I'd be concerned about Japanese preparing tamales.

I don't agree with you about letting Asians decide the best Asian restaurants. Critical review should be open to anyone who is literate with the cuisine.

"pander to the low class taste of the average American person" now that sentiment is right up my alley. If you'd like to say more about that sad condition I invite you to post as a guest blogger.