Friday, July 16, 2010

Grit and Heat on Philly Streets


Spencer said...

A great bite to eat in this weather that I personally recommedn is going to Tony Lukes for their PORK ITALIAN sandwich. Its so good that Spike TV actually sent their FOOD DUDE on the road and had a special on the sandwich. Check this video out and tell me you don't want to go to Tony Lukes after seeing this...

Gaetano said...

Spence thanks for your comment,

I'm not T. Luke's biggest fan but he is credible in that vid. Much better than when he was hawking the sous vide cheese steaks. The only thing missing on his sandwich is a crush of cucarachas.

There is a tendency to romanticize truck stop cooking here in Philly. Tony Lukes IS a truck stop. Nothing wrong with truck stop cooking just keep it real. It's not where you find the deftest touch with a cheese steak or a pork sandwich.

I recommend Dinic's in Reading Terminal Mkt, Johnny Bears 1512 Lounge on Shunk or George's on 9th.