Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Great Trade

At last Saturday's Rittenhouse Farmers Market my next door vendor, to the north, was Otolith Sustainable Seafood. How fortunate was I to be situated between Linden Dale and  Otolith! Both vendors traded me items that were fantastic on our table.

Linden Dale is back here.

This slab of salmon was a jewel. It had been handled/frozen very carefully. Slacked out it felt and smelled like a section of prime salmon filet. We simply salted, peppered and seared it. We plated it with chanterelles (Iovine) and fingerlings & quail eggs (FairFood Stand). This dish was eaten in blissful silence.

We also had a plate of fried chicken with grits and romanesco. This was the best spatchcock yet! Lil lady spatch'd a WholeFoods (basic) chicken. The romanesco came from Tom Colton.


relishtherussian said...

Wow, that piece of salmon looks AMAZING! What a great, rich color.

Sarah-Jane - said...

looks good enough to eat raw !