Monday, February 7, 2011

Benton's Bacon and Super Bowl Grub

We did a little a lil family party for a combo Super Bowl/birthday.
The dishes were lobster rolls (very nice lobsters and fair price from Hung Vuong), Chipotle chicken wings with St Agur, Bitar's pita and Zahav's hummus with roasted veggies (guests KILLED the hummus), 1/2 shell little necks, and poached shrimp. The main plate was halibut with Benton's bacon, cipollinis and horseradish. It was a success.

About the bacon....I had seen it at DiBruno 9th Street labelled as "the world's best bacon." Isn't that quite a claim? Over at Fair Food in RTM I was told they are also selling the world's best bacon. It was not Benton's. A few weeks back I made the same dish and used WFM dry rubbed bacon and thought it was delish.

Benton's has an aggressive hickory smoke to it. Sometimes I find that style tastes of house fire. It's tasty and all, but smoke is such a pervasive flavor element that it's got to be incorporated deftly or..... In this case I thought the smokiness would be fine with the horseradish, and it was. I was concerned about the saltiness. Eating a piece of the bacon alone is a salty experience. Plated up, it all came together.

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Anonymous said...

heyo, i don't think we ever actually had benton's labelled as "the best bacon in the world" although depending who you ask at the shop, they might say it is. i make the signs, thats why it occurs to me. bentons is usually my favorite, though you're right, it is gnarly smokey. bentons is smoked for 48 hours which is about 42 hours longer than it takes to make most bacon you can get. we also have edward's surry-ano cured, smoked ham from virginia in now, you should try it, its salty but awesome. thanks for coming in and buying bacon though. try the porcsalt red wine cured or cherry wood smoked bacon next time you're in.