Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canele Blabber II Chez Pim Ponce of Canele

When TV 'Chefs' are presented as experts or masters it generally gets my goat. Here at home we don't even have a TV. When we do watch, we find mostly crap pandering to the lowest common denominator. 

Online, where there is somewhat less of a greed factor, things are different. Diversity is hard wired into the online world. Anyone can blog or post, so skill or ineptitude unsurprisingly runs the gamut. There are the talented, charming and modest, and there are other sad, self aggrandizing creatures who can't say enough about themselves. Just like on television, few have the integrity of Jacques Pepin, Mike Colameco or Lidia Bastianich . Boobs who pander to the common idiot gain fame. It is the same with online boobs. The crassest, sheeple shepherds are often the award winners. 

I enjoy the zany and diverse online content that I come across, with a few exceptions. For example, when folks in Philly talk what I perceive to be plain crap, I get all compulsive about speaking out. The same happens with canele 'experts.'  Something about caneles draws forth the phony, pretentious and self appointed experts.  Google kindly alerts me daily to the use of the word canele online. In the last month or so I've received and investigated many canele alerts.

The news is not good.

Last week Chez Pim went on and on and on and on and on about how she's got it (canele) all figured out. She tells us she makes "perfect" canele, even with silicone. Oh boy! The post is bloated with misinformation, self congratulation and plain old talking to hear herself talk. I hadn't heard of Chez Pim. I've learned she's a minor celeb! When I chided her for publishing mistakes and unfounded theories, she and her sheeple-like minions swooped down on me like pigeons on a Philly soft pretzel. Ouch. Her readers, like those devoted to Rachael Ray or Paula Dean, are not the savviest or highest functioning  gourmands.

Next up is the blog of the Institute for Culinary Education. First they give some free publicity to Celine's canele. Celine is a NYC canele person who sells frozen, low calorie, grapefreuit flavored canele! She sells fresh canele too and other flavors. Enough said about that. The culinary "Institute" gives a canele recipe that is plainly wrong. Naturally I pointed out the error. Nicole Kaplan was more receptive than Chez Pim to the correction but the recipe is hopeless as it stands. 

Swerve Calgary did a canele post too. I might have been a bit of a prick with this guy, but his canele look just barely acceptable. Yet they are all proud! I had to give them a poke up there in the north.

A Philly food writer alerted me to caneles being baked at Fork Restaurant. She was not complimentary. Anyone had these?

Le Pain Quotidien offers organic, vegan, sugar-free, apple canele. WTF? That is not a canele!  Pics of these online look appalling.

Loads of alerts concern purchasing canele molds, best deal, sale etc. The fact is that Fante's has the best prices I've seen anywhere on silicone molds for home use. Last I checked JB Prince has the best prices for copper molds in the US. I understand that Baillardran has an excellent deal on copper molds but it seems like you need someone in EU to access them and then ship em over.


Anonymous said...

It annoys me when people purport to be experts as well but instead of ripping these people to shreds, why don't post your own recipe and guidance on how to make a proper canele for those us still in the dark?

gil said...


Your suggestion is appreciated. A more constructive reaction is in order.

pineapple1 said...

Wonderful post, I'm glad someone else thinks Pim is a hack, and it took you only one post to find that!!! You've got a new reader.