Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Schnitzel with CherryGrove pork and Natural Meadows eggs

At Saturday's Rittenhouse Market I swapped canele and Florentines for a splendid pork tenderloin from CherryGrove Farm. I was stumped about what to do with it. I was scheming on a way to use it with these great looking fresh coconuts I saw at Hung Vuong. I didn't want coconut curry i was thinking more like a savory coconut flan or those fried coconut milk balls that go with Chin Kiang pork. I never arrived at a happy decision with those inspirations. However, as i was about the give up and make an predictable go-to dish, I remembered those beautiful chicken eggs. Voila Wiener schnitzel a la Holstein.

Maybe the super premium pork deserved better treatment. Maybe not. This dish was super tasty. Great eggs and great pork are very  happy partners. Anchovies, capers, lemon and asparagus add  elements that make this dish classic.


Lisa ONeill said...

Looks delicious - I need to check out the Rittenhouse market some weekend.

gil said...

Thanks Lisa,

When you visit Rittenhouse stop by my stand and say hi. I'm near 18th & Walnut St. We're called Market Day Canele.