Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent Tasty Plates

This cipollini gratin with garlic chives was destined to connect with a grilled veal or pork chop. Instead it ended up with a spatchcocked chicken and french fries!  YIKES. It was quite tasty and with a little refining it will eventually meet up with an appropriate plate mate. But not until we get back to cool Autumn days.

This rib steak tomahawk from Red Haven was the tastiest beef I've eaten since , well for a long time. This tasted like the best of Och's. It was super richly flavored, marvelous marbeling and more than  worthy of a prime designation.

Leek ricotta tart with marjoram. This wasn't my favorite. The ricotta gives a denser texture that, seems to me, works better with fruit or sweeter companions.  Customer though gave great feedback.

Another Lil Lady Plate: this is Otolith's sable fish with shrimp and oyster sauce. Very unctuous fish/sauce combo. It was a delight with plain rice and market fresh tatsoi.

Another very simple plate that was delightful: lil lady made this salad with fried shrimp for a lil luncheon. The greens fresh from Sunday's Headhouse Market courtesy of Colton and Blooming Glen .with homemade ranch spiked with smoked paprika. Dang delicious

This modest looking dish was a spectacularly flavored rabbit stew made by Paolo. It was served as part of the poker night festivities at Johnny bears. This was quite a delicious dish. Bravo to Paolo!
Roasted cipollini's and asparagus tart. Cipollini's roast really nicely, great texture, mild and rich flavor and not watery! This is with Linden dale's excellent, mild chevre.

Farmstand asparagus with Capuccio's veal and Griggstown poached pheasant eggs.

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Joanna said...

That sablefish literally rocks my world, every time.

The other plates look good too. I haven't started cooking meat yet this summer, but I should.