Thursday, July 7, 2011

Experiments @ The Tart Lab

It's my good fortune to be situated next to Tom Culton at HeadHouse Market on Sunday and on Saturdays PorcSalt's Matt Ridgway is next door..

These tarts use combinations of their products. Last weekend Tom offered both those currant tomatoes and the orange cauliflower. They ended up in a tart with Sue Miller's (BirchRun Hills)Chester Co Camembert over a base of carmelized onions.

In another experiment we  paired the cauliflower with PorcSalt's guanciale, herbs and Lindendale's chevre. Another had asparagus (out of season but needed for a photo) with Matt's pancetta, Andy's chevre and cipollini..


z said...

unrelated to your post but there is a nice little article on canele in the new issue of the art of eating. you should check it out.

Gaetano said...

thanks, can i borrow your copy when you're done?

Anonymous said...

i will copy the article for you. will try to bring it in tomorrow but stop by anytime in the next week and it'll be here.