Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Farm and the Fisherman

Arriving at FFM maybe 10 mins. late for our reservation we opened the door on a full dining room. Not an open table in sight. We stood at the door until the hostess relieved us of our burgundy and suggested we come back in about 10. We walked back home. There we polished off the Cava that had made us 10 mins late. When we got back things inside the restaurant were far calmer. We accepted sweet seats at the front window.
'Parker House' bun. A tasty touch! At times WildFlour makes an excellent version of these.
This is the 'porridge' with peach, tomato and salami. This inspired combo presents delightful flavor dynamics among the sweet, funky cured salami notes and the fresh and fruity, low acid tomato and peach elements. Brilliant!
Cape May scallops with corn and chanterelles. We cook up loads of CM scallops in our crib. I like em just fine but they're not reliably superb. These were fine but not glistening gems. They were also a bit on the cooked side. The corn kernels and the scallops in this preparation were not as complimentary as I had hoped  .  . Lil lady thought these were delish.  
This is the delicious stuffed quail. Just as tasty as the expertly grilled version I devoured at Pumpkin not too long ago. Pumpkin's had more of an a la minute bite to it.  Still not feeling the corn kernel action. Shola's quail concept seems solid.

The poached farm egg. Well there was exactitude in this dish. The egg couldn't have been more perfectly gelatinous. The veggies held in the broth just so. I think this dish is hatching in too many restaurants.

Pork loin and jowl. Clearly a deft touch at play yet I wasn't captivated. The jowl was straight up flaccid fat while the loin was tastily cured but plainly framed. My least favorite.
The Bloody Beet was bloody spectacular. Earthy, interestingly sweet and tart, with unexpected textural sensations. World class.

The lamb ribs with sumac were sensational. A remarkably delicious and felicitous combination. These were crispy, fatty, spiced with inspiration and precision and expertly roasted. A flavor epiphany.

At FFM the cooking is excellent. The hospitality is just fine. The Farm and Fisherman is a must visit for precise cooking with prime local ingredients.


C & E said...

Great pics...the beetsteak is the signature for sure but I've gotta try that lamb!

Here's our dinner from back in April

Gaetano said...

Thanks Chris.

I thought the lamb was wondrous. Nem thought it was nothing special!

Aren't the micro greens, at times, a convenient stand-in for a more considered veg preparation?