Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Managing Risks of Supply Chain Disruption....Leaf Lard

Isn't it tricky locating leaf lard around town? I get mine from Sonny D'angelo. Every so often his shop will run out or close early and I'll be forced to make butter only pastry shells. This supply chain disruption puts me on edge.   Synchronicity to the rescue....across the aisle from Market Day Canele at Headhouse Market is Patches of Star. Patches of Star sells fantastic goat cheese and they are deservedly revered for their products. The synchronous part is that Nolan Theveret helps out at PoS on Sunday. Nolan owns Stryker Farm. At Stryker Nolan raises barley fed, pastured heirloom pigs. A few weeks ago Nolan and I chatted about lard, pork and other delicious stuff. This past Sunday he showed up with a cryo'd pack of 2- 2.5 lb. sheets of unrendered leaf lard. Those are in the pot as I post!

Anyone who's fascinated/obsessed with no-holds-barred deliciousness should be informed of the taste punch that great quality lard imparts. Beyond the flavor bonus: "it’s not bad for you. It has less saturated fat (the bad fat) than butter, while it also has more than twice as much monosaturated fat (the good fat) than butter. And it has none of those pesky trans fats—that is, if it hasn’t been hydrogenated to prolong its shelf life."

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Anonymous said...

You're in good company. Shola buys goat meat from that guy.