Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Window Dressing at Whole Foods Market


Early Summer Market Cooking

At Rittenhouse last weekend I caught up with Andy from Linden Dale Farms and stocked up on his chevre. I also grabbed 2 racks of goat ribs. Jeff, from Davidson's exotic mushrooms, handed over a sack of cremini's in exchange for a few canele. 
Ssvory, parsley, tarragon, garlic, pepper goat chops

 On Sunday at HeadHouse I traded for garlic from Kings Farm, green beans, chili peppers and carrots from Culton organics and herbs & potatoes from Blooming Glen.This was a tasty summer plate. The goat was grilled on my new STOK tower!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blueberry Tarts Lemon Pastry Cream This Weekend

Today at Media Farmer's Market we grabbed Blueberries from Frecon Farms for this weekend. No pics yet cause none made yet!

Savory tart this weekend is to be made with FairFood Farmstand broccoli, Leidy's ham, forest mushrooms and Lindendale chevre.Here's a pic of a tart that we brought to Media.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Headhouse Market Sunday

Market Sundays at Headhouse have been excellent this season. The crowd has been manageable and steady  with lots of enthusiastic and discerning food lovers. The products, extraordinaire.

The Toms a few Sundays ago @ Headhouse

Peas a' Plenty This Past Pappy's Day..

This fantastic maple syrup has glazed all of our sweet tarts this season.

8" Tart Pans 

Summer Reading (and eating) Suggestion: Lobster

In his lobster book Richard King says, "I seek to examine if there is indeed something special about our perception of the lobster - whether you see one through a snorkel mask, in a fisherman's trap, in a fishmonger's tank or on your fancy dinner plate. Why is it, after all, that we so often associate the lobster with decadence, sex and a lemon spritz of absurdity?"
I'm just a chapter or two into Lobster, and so far it's loaded with tasty nuggets. For example, "The English word (for lobster) seems to have derived from this insect-like appearance, evolving through various forms and spellings from the original Latin word for locust, locusta."

Ok did anyone know that???

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Tarts... Rittenhouse, Bryn Mawr, Headhouse

Savory tart this weekend is made with mixed Lancaster Co onions along with wild mushrooms, bacon and chevre. This tart uses Kreider cream and TapRoot organic pastured eggs.

The sweet tart is with Lancaster Co cherries, toasted almonds and pastry cream made with TapRoot pastured eggs. Both tarts use the same shell made with Daisy Mills flour, Shankestead butter and D'angelo's leaf lard.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Softies and Peas

Duckies Market in West Cape May had these amazingly plump peas. They went into the pot with vibrant spring onions, tarragon and cream. A grilled slab of swordfish and local scallops on top.

Soft Shells from The Lobster House with scapes and Thu's stunningly delicious and distinctive Asian greens, rice and nuoc cham. The array of greens in this mix is unmatched. The lively piquant green flavors are deeply refreshing.

Thanks To Our Faithful and Game Customers

I'm grateful to our creative and adventurous customers who don't hesitate to test out our new products, who sometimes suggest brilliant ideas and who support us with candid feedback. Thank You!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Tarts

Saturday and Sunday we're offering a savory and a sweet tart. NJ Asparagus with mixed wild mushrooms and French chevre (86 Linden Dale more tomorrow) is the savory option. A strawberry tart (Lancaster Co), with pastry cream over a light layer of El Rey 73% chocolate is the sweetie

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scape Ravioli and Veal Tenderloin

Scapes and veal came from HeadHouse last weekend. The hunk of tenderloin was from BirchRun Hills and the scapes from Blooming Glen. Those ravs were filled with the garlicky stalks and Linden Dale chevre. The arugula all fresh and peppery courtesy of our neighbor Bobbie.  Super tasty market grub!

First Fruit Tart

Lancaster county cherries from Halteman in RTM, with pastry cream and almonds@ Media Market today along with asparagus and chanterelle tarts

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mechanical Bull Stench at Percy St. Beer Week Event

Percy Street's pork belly on a roll is eligible for inclusion in the pantheon of virtuoso Philly sandwiches. For that reason and because they are just a block away we took another shot at Beer Week activities last night. Felicia D was MC'ing the mechanical bull riding action. We chatted with her as we checked out the riders. The stench of bull was thick in the atmosphere.  I thought, "whoa that is an amazingly realistic touch." The Lil lady informed me that it was just the stench of hipsters. 

One of the Yards guys tried his luck in the saddle. He was ballsy. In his bright orange shirt he looked like a mounted pumpkin. He thudded to the mat with the quickness 2x.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

West Cape May Taco Report

Earlier this Spring the Lil Lady was stricken with grief when she discovered the Secret Spot was a goner. Both of us were devoted to their Ocean Burrito. The Taco spot on Sunset has a way to go before they can match up with the delicious freshness that was on offer at the Secret Spot. Here is good news. The Rusty Nail, an after-the-beach destination in my family for several decades seems to have upped their game. Both hospitality and cuisine were sparkling on our visit! Their fish taco was delish and the legendary corned beef sandwich was better than ever. The frosty beers were excellent and the refreshing ocean breeze spiked up the flavor quotient on the whole experience.

Philly Beer Week

We headed out last night to chow down at Varga. My bud suggested Varga based on consistent tastiness and proximity to the canele crib.  When we got there, around 9:30, it was as raucous as a spun out goat trailer. It's beer week.  We checked in on Ladder 15 home of arguably Philly's best cheesesteak, no go, kitchen closed. Next we considered  choo-choo and Los Taquitos. We grabbed a south bound taxi for tacos. Definitely an informed and tasty decision. The litany of luscious tacos is ludicrous. Love it at Los Taquitos.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Recent Tasty Plates

This cipollini gratin with garlic chives was destined to connect with a grilled veal or pork chop. Instead it ended up with a spatchcocked chicken and french fries!  YIKES. It was quite tasty and with a little refining it will eventually meet up with an appropriate plate mate. But not until we get back to cool Autumn days.

This rib steak tomahawk from Red Haven was the tastiest beef I've eaten since , well for a long time. This tasted like the best of Och's. It was super richly flavored, marvelous marbeling and more than  worthy of a prime designation.

Leek ricotta tart with marjoram. This wasn't my favorite. The ricotta gives a denser texture that, seems to me, works better with fruit or sweeter companions.  Customer though gave great feedback.

Another Lil Lady Plate: this is Otolith's sable fish with shrimp and oyster sauce. Very unctuous fish/sauce combo. It was a delight with plain rice and market fresh tatsoi.

Another very simple plate that was delightful: lil lady made this salad with fried shrimp for a lil luncheon. The greens fresh from Sunday's Headhouse Market courtesy of Colton and Blooming Glen .with homemade ranch spiked with smoked paprika. Dang delicious

This modest looking dish was a spectacularly flavored rabbit stew made by Paolo. It was served as part of the poker night festivities at Johnny bears. This was quite a delicious dish. Bravo to Paolo!
Roasted cipollini's and asparagus tart. Cipollini's roast really nicely, great texture, mild and rich flavor and not watery! This is with Linden dale's excellent, mild chevre.

Farmstand asparagus with Capuccio's veal and Griggstown poached pheasant eggs.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoestring Asparagus and Garlic Scape Tart with/without Lamb Tasso

At RTM I grabbed some scapes and asparagus. later at Green Aisle they were offering little nuggets of lamb tasso. I took 2 pieces $5 each 6oz. thinking they may make a good tart ingredient. Just enough for a few tarts with lamb tasso if curious.

The tasso was a bit spicy, salty, mostly lean, and mildy lamby.