Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cooking Up Stockton Farmers Mkt Ingredients

I made tacos with a slab of grouper I brought from Metropolitan Seafood at the Stockton  Mkt. The youthful fish monger was gracious and knowledgeable. He informed me that the grouper was from FL and confirmed that it was fresh as can be.  It was. This fillet was of excellent quality. It was $30/#. The taco looks good too right?

I came home with 2 wedges of Bobolink's cheese. I choose 'Jean Louis'. This cheese was named in honor of "Jean-Louis Palladin, a fearless and passionate cook who helped to free French cuisine in the United States from a hidebound orthodoxy while influencing a generation of chefs and food lovers". My other choice, was a harder cheese that was in a brie like shape but with a completely different mold, texture and flavor...so not brie like at all. These were both remarkably distinctive. There was a boldness of style that caught both of us by surprise. The flavors were unique in their layered complexity. The molds on each were assertive and matched up with the innards to meld into extreme deliciousness. We tasted these with bottles of Stella and slices of a tasty, crispy baguette from Crossroads Bakery.  The pics here don't do the products justice.


Tullamore Farms had a table at market. Jeanmarie Mitchell was selling products from her farm.We chatted a little about her farming practices. I was sold. I grabbed some lamb stew meat. Then we talked a little bit more and it turns out she's knowledgeable about cheese steaks! So I had to test out her grass fed, free range chip steak. We made cheese steaks yesterday for dinner. The beef was great. It was sweet, lean with a delicate beef flavor. No pics. We ate the sandwiches before the camera appeared. The lamb cubes are for tonights' spezzatino.

When I was at this market Sunday I had an amazing cup of Sumatra from Fresh Coffee Scoop. I brought a bag home with me $14/12oz. It brewed up at home just as tasty as the cup I had at market.

Stockton Farmers Market is worthy of destination designation for the Philly area. Super friendly folks with great products at an indoor market in the 'country'.


Lisa ONeill said...

The tacos look delicious Gil - we had tacos tonight too - chipotle dusted lamb heart sautéed with rutabaga and parsley root on fresh made corn tortillas topped with a little chipotle finishing sauce. Looks like I have to visit Stockton.

The Fish Monger said...

I must say, that is a damn sexy fish Taco